Action Items To Get Started 

1)  Provide an image of your recent royalty check stubs or royalty income statements.

2)  Let us know the amount that you need and how quickly you need to be funded.


Once we have this information, our team will get busy, at our expense, with a goal of providing you

with 2 or 3 options that suit your situation the best…usually within a couple of hours.



What We’ll Be Busy Working On

1)  Review the paperwork provided.

2)  Verify any available title documents confirming your ownership.

3)  Analyze the commodities and production potential in the market where your interest is located.

4)  Generate the appropriate paperwork for your review.



Final Steps To Get Funded!

Once we are in agreement on the terms, the last step is to sign the paperwork and return it to us for recording.

 The only other detail is whether you would prefer us to mail a check or send a wire transfer directly to your account.