What is a royalty loan? A royalty loan is available exclusively to individuals and companies, which own producing oil and gas interest. It’s essentially an advance on your future royalty income, which you can use today. If you receive a monthly royalty check, you should qualify for a loan from Royalty Loan.


Why should I consider a royalty loan?  A loan based on your royalty income is the quickest and easiest way to leverage your asset in order to help fill a gap in your finances.  Whether you are in need of temporary funds to help with unplanned expenses, or you are a business owner in need of additional funds to put towards your business, this could be your answer.

Why Choose Royalty Loan?

We were the first and remain the best – The founders of Royalty Loan pioneered the concept of offering loans to mineral and royalty owners. In addition to having more experience in this space, Royalty Loan also has the most private capital available for lending.

We offer borrowers more options – Depending on your financial needs, we can cater a plan specifically for your situation. Not being constrained to the requirements of investors, we offer more flexibility to borrowers when it comes to competitive interest rates and repayment terms.

We’re royalty owners too – As mineral and royalty owners ourselves, we know what it’s like to be constantly pursued by companies wanting us to take pennies on the dollar for our interest. If you show interest in getting more information on your borrowing options with Royalty Loan, you can rest assured that we will not respond with high-pressure sales tactics.

Advantages of the Royalty Loan Process

Loan amounts are based on the current…and future value of your mineral or royalty income.

Quick loan approval with evidence of mineral or royalty income. (just email us your last 3 royalty checks)

No credit checks. No job history needed. Other debts are irrelevant.

Minimal paperwork to sign before funding. (4 documents or less)

Annual payment plans made easy, with a simple APR calculator.

Loan origination or processing fees = $0.